If you have ever run across the term ‘Real Estate Agents’ then I am sure that you were confused. The reason for confusion is that people use the term ‘Real Estate Agents’ in two different ways: to describe those who work for themselves, and to refer to those who are self employed.

are real estate agents self employed

A few years ago, I began to think about this and came to the conclusion that there really is a difference between an agent and one who are self-employed. There are many differences between an agent and one who works as a self employed person. The first difference is that an agent is employed by someone else, whereas an independent agent is self-employed and therefore works for himself.

Secondly, if an agent is employed by another individual, he is tied in to that particular person and has to take into consideration his business dealings with that particular person. The self-employed person on the other hand has no tie with anyone and has only his own interests in mind. He is free to do what he wants in the way of business dealings and thus is able to do what he sees as being right in his own eyes.

When working as a self employed person, there are numerous things that can be done without any consideration of business dealings at all. There are things like taking care of personal financial matters and investing in businesses such as hobbies and investments without having any concern whatsoever for their profitability.

As far as the second category, there is nothing wrong with being an independent agent. It would seem odd that an agent would be self employed but in actual fact there are plenty of professionals in this type of field. If you happen to run into someone who is self-employed, he is likely to be an independent person and if so, you have nothing to worry about.

There are a number of reasons why some people refer to Real Estate Agents as being self-employed. If you want to find out if the term applies to you, then I recommend checking out this article which discusses the differences between the two terms.

Now that we have gotten past the terminology difference, the real reason why you should not be confused between the two categories of Real Estate Agent is because they both provide similar services. As we just mentioned earlier, an independent agent provides services to other individuals and is responsible for providing them with information concerning property deals that he feels they might want to explore further. Self employed agents on the other hand offer their own services and provide them with information regarding property deals they want to investigate further.

Therefore, when you are looking to become an independent or self-employed real estate agent, it will make sense to get some training first before you try to do business with another individual. You might also want to check out these articles if you want to know more about the topic: Is Being An Independent Real Estate Agent Really Self-Employment? And Self Employed – Does It Really Make A Difference?. There you will find all the answers to the questions you may have.