In order to answer the question “how much does a real estate agent make” one has to ask the same question as a bank officer would have to ask. The bank officer would have to figure out how much interest he will have to pay and how much money he is going to be making. A real estate agent on the other hand is actually trying to make money from a commission that is paid by the buyer. For agents, it is actually harder to figure out because they have to deal with both buyers and sellers.

If you are an agent and you know that your clients are making offers that they can’t afford then you have to get out of the way and let the client do the work for him, because if you are in the middle of this then you will have to make that commission on the seller’s offer. It’s just too much work to try to do this on your own. The only way to do this is to have a contract drawn up. This is one of the best ways to make a person do all the work for them.

An even better way to find out how much a real estate agent makes is to have an idea of his salary. This will make you very aware of how much a certain type of real estate agent makes. You can also find out what they earn from the type of work they do. If they work in an office then you know that they make a lot more money than if they work in a home.

Another way that you can find out how much a real estate agent makes is to contact the agency. Ask about their salary and see how much their commission is. You can even get their entire salary, which would give you a better idea of what they make.

One more thing that you can do is look at the books and see how much the agent’s work is worth. A commission is not going to be that much money unless the agent is doing work that is in demand. If the agent is selling houses and they are doing work on foreclosures then they are probably making more than they would be selling the homes themselves. Just keep this in mind when you see what the agent makes, because it can help you when you want to know how much a real estate agent makes.

As you can see, there are many ways you can find out how much a real estate agent makes. All you need to do is take the time to do some research. The Internet is an excellent place to start and you should look at the websites of all the major real estate agencies. because these are the most likely places to see what the people in the industry make.