To become an agent in real estate, you must take at least a few months of college, complete some level of continuing education, and pass a licensing exam. These requirements differ by state. For instance, in California, realtors must complete 120 hours of continuing education, pass an exam, and complete a minimum of 100 hours of training in the field. In the case of a New York agent, he or she must also complete the required hours in-house with a mentor-supervisor program.

Real estate schools provide all of these types of programs, as well as seminars, tutorials, workshops, and more. They can even provide internship experience, as long as the student has completed the prerequisites. The only difference among schools is the degree or certification a student receives upon graduation.

You will begin the real estate course work in the fall semester. A realtor must meet the state’s licensing requirements in order to enroll in a real estate course. All states have set minimum educational requirements, but there are variations by state. Some states require completion of a high school diploma, while others require completion of a bachelor’s degree or equivalent.

After completing the real estate course work, you will find yourself in the classroom. The majority of colleges and universities now offer online courses, as do community colleges. If you have a job that requires you to take a few courses at home, the courses may be taken on your own schedule, or the schedule of the college instructor. There are some exceptions, such as taking online classes if your home has internet access to a computer that has a video camera.

Once you have completed the real estate courses, you should find yourself ready to attend a school of your choosing. A typical real estate course takes six months to a year, depending on how much time you put into it and how many subjects you want to study.

At the end of the real estate course work, there will be a written exam, which is usually multiple choice. It will ask you to write one or more essays about your career in real estate, whether it is working for a corporation, selling houses, or just buying homes. It may also include a reading test on current real estate market trends, as well as a project planning assignment. The final exam usually requires at least a passing grade of 70% to get your license.