The terms “pending”approved” are used interchangeably by real estate investors, but there is a difference between the two terms. “Pending” is not a legal term and does not imply that a deal has been approved or that the buyer has obtained the necessary financing. “Pending” is used when a deal can be made with the seller or buyer and still be acceptable to the lender.

“Pending” means that there is an open offer from both parties for a property. This means that there has not been a sale made yet to the public, but a real estate investor is actively working to close a deal with the seller or buyer. Most buyers look at homes that have the “pending” symbol because they believe that they will be able to close on the property soon. Investors who do not buy properties that have “pending” symbols can move forward with their investment plan.

One of the main goals of most investors in real estate is to buy homes that have “pending” symbols because they believe that they will have better chances of being sold at a lower price than properties that have “pending” letters on them. A home that has “pending” letters on it is essentially a property that has had many offers but has decided to hold onto it so that the home owner may make another offer.

Most investors who purchase properties with “pending” letters on them will have a buyer who is willing to purchase the property for less than the asking price. A contract will be created between the buyer and the seller and the contract will include a clause stating that the house has a “pending” letter on it. If the buyer decides that he or she wants to purchase the house, a closing date will be scheduled.

“Pending” is used in real estate marketing to describe homes that have received several offers. However, if the offer is accepted, the terms will be renegotiated so that the current offer is decreased. Once a deal is made, the home owner or investor will close the deal and then begin selling the home.

In conclusion, pending is a phrase that is commonly used in real estate deals. The term “pending” is used when a deal has not been closed but both parties still wish to close a deal. “Pending” is also used when a buyer has received multiple offers for a property but does not have enough money to close the deal and purchase the property. If the investor can close the deal with a lower offer than the one received by the buyer, the investor is considered “pending” by the seller.