Many people have never heard of a promo staffing agency. Yet, many companies use them to hire helpers for their promotional events. The scope of such an agency allows it to offer many different types of models and brand ambassadors.

A promo staffing agency hires individuals who are attractive, friendly, and wish to work with the public as models. Some of the types of models hired are: trade show models, swimwear models, promo models and instore models. The people who apply are assigned to different promotional events.

One of the jobs of a promo staffing agency is to coordinate event staffing. A company will come in wanting help with a promotional event, and the agency will help them find the people to do the modeling jobs. There are many different types of promotional events such as trade shows, tastings, instore product demonstrations and booths at public events.

A most important job of a promo staffing agency is working with a company to find the brand ambassador or promo models who will represent their product in the best possible light. Because all products are different, the promo models who are the best for one product might not adequately represent another product. It is up to the promo staffing agency to find out the difference.

Careful choices are especially important in event staffing for trade show models. These events are usually attended by hundreds if not thousands of potential customers. The best way to get the product identification out there is to have attractive and personable trade show models for the event.

A promo staffing agency can also hire instore models for display, demonstration and tastings that are conducted at the company’s place of business. Instore models can also be used at a store which carries a product the company sells, among its inventory of goods. The key is to present the instore models at a place where the customer can also buy the product.

Swimwear models can be hired from a promo staffing agency. When you apply for a job through such an agency, you are encouraged to submit a swimsuit photo if you choose. This may be advantageous in getting you more jobs, but it is not necessary.

A promo staffing agency is involved in event staffing in many different arenas. People who are interested in being trade show models or brand ambassadors can often find a niche by applying at one of these agencies and working the jobs assigned. Success in modeling is possible through promo staffing agencies, and companies can gain new business by using the models the agencies send.

Source by Brandt M Myers

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