What is real estate, you ask? Real estate is land comprising of the buildings and other immovable properties on it, and its underlying natural resources including water, crops or minerals; a right vested in it in the sense of property in the first instance. The term was first used in the United States to denote ownership of any land, and later became a part of the legal lexicon of international law. A person may own property by way of the right of occupancy (including leasehold), right to use, or right to collect rent. There is a distinction between real property and personal property, where a person’s rights in that are based on the state of his health or mental condition, on the basis of the owner’s agreement, and on the basis of the owner’s intention to disclaim his personal rights.

In fact, it is not just in the US where real estate has come into being. The term “real estate” dates back to the 12th century, in France. It then came into play in England, Scotland and Ireland, and in the Middle East and in Asia. There are many other jurisdictions that have their own laws pertaining to real estate.

Real estate is a broad term that may include other things like automobiles, boats, motorcycles, even commercial buildings. It includes a vast range of commercial properties, some of which may be classified as residential real estate. All these things fall under the category of real estate. However, it must be kept in mind that it is not a good idea to confuse real estate with property.

A brief search on the internet will reveal that there are a lot of people who are unaware of the fact that what is real estate actually is. Real estate, as mentioned earlier, is an umbrella term covering different kinds of property. It includes both the movable and immovable kind of property. The movable part of it comprises the houses, lands and other properties owned by a person, either individually or collectively. The immovable kind of it covers the immovables that cannot be moved and are part of the permanent fixture in a house, the garden or the grounds. This includes the buildings, the gardens, the swimming pool and other things.

When people are confused about what is real estate they tend to assume that real estate is any kind of property that is not movable, like land or immovable, but in fact, real estate covers all kinds of property that are movable and are part of a building or any other permanent fixture in a building. For example, the houses in a town are considered to be part of the town’s real estate and not just residential properties. As such, they can be sold, bought, rented, mortgaged and in other cases, rented.

It is important to know that there are different ways of looking at the question, “what is real estate?” There are some people who look at it as something which can be acquired from a financial point of view or from a real estate investor’s perspective, while some see it in terms of a legal point of view. Others look at real estate from a purely financial point of view it as an investment that involves buying properties that are on the market and hoping for an appreciation in the value of the same. Some others consider it as something that has to be acquired by using a loan, where the loan is the underlying asset or equity in the real estate itself.